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    Benefits & Incentives
In addition to a competitive compensation package, Harlan offers a fantastic benefits package to our personnel.

Direct Deposit and Payroll Card

By enrolling in Direct Deposit or Payroll Card, your pay arrives in your account on the day you are scheduled to be paid and is immediately available for withdrawal. No longer are you forced to rely on the postal service to deliver your money, wait for the bank to credit your check, or pay the high fees of check cashing companies. 

Click here for a direct deposit enrollment form. Simply complete the form and return it to Human Resources.

Don't have a bank account? Not to worry. The Payroll Card is designed just for you! The Payroll Card is a service of Commerce Bank, made available through Harlan Global Manufacturing LLC., which will allow you to access your pay through ATMs throughout the country. There is no charge for enrollment or monthly maintenance of the account, but a small fee applies to withdrawals and purchases. Individuals who wish to enroll in this service should complete an application. 

Click here for a Payroll Card application form. Please complete the form and return it to Human Resources.

If you have questions about either service, contact Human Resources.


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Educational Assistance Program

Harlan will pay $3,000 per year under Harlan’s Educational Reimbursement Program for classes applicable to your current position.  The approved reimbursements are contingent upon working for Harlan for a period of 1 year from the ending date the class for which reimbursement is provided.  If employment with Harlan terminates prior to the end of 1 year, employee will repay or reimburse Harlan at the time of termination for all costs expended for tuition, fees, supplies and books based on the prorating schedule. 


Repayment will be waived if employment is interrupted due to layoff from lack of work or involuntary termination for other than just cause.  For more information, contact Human Resources.  


Click here for an Educational Assistance form. Please complete the form and return it to Human Resources


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Foot Protection Program

Employees in work groups outlined as required to wear safety steel-toed footwear will be eligible for Shoe Reimbursement.  Safety footwear will conform to the American National Standards Institute Specification Z41-1991 and ASTM standards for new products.

Harlan will contribute $50.00 per year or $25.00 twice per year towards the purchase of safety steel-toed footwear.  A receipt must be presented to Human Resources with the completed reimbursement form.

Click here for Footwear Protection Purchase reimbursement form.

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401(k) Retirement Plan

Savings for retirement beings with your pre-tax contributions and company contributions to the 401(K) Plan.  All employees who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the 401(K) pre-tax salary deferral savings during the open enrollment or after 3 months of employment. Harlan also offers matching company contributions equal to 75% of your pre-tax contributions up to 5% of your compensation, however Harlan reserves the right to suspend based on economic conditions.

Click hereto view your 401(k) account information with ADP/Oppenheimer.

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Harlan provides medical insurance plan for full time employees and their eligible dependents.  Costs for the plans are covered on the Benefits Summary.  Full time employees are eligible the first of the month following date of employment.  An enrollment form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources no later than the first day of the month in which the employee becomes eligible.  Click here for United Healthcare (UHC) enrollment form.

Click here for UHC website.

Harlan provided dental insurance to all full time employees. The cost for this plan  is covered on the Benefits Summary.  Full time employees are eligible the first of the month following date of employment.  An enrollment form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources no later than the first day of the month in which the employee becomes eligible.  Click here for Delta Dental of Kansas enrollment form.

Click here for Delta Dental of KS Website.

Harlan provides life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and Long Term Disability insurance for full time employees.  Harlan pays the entire cost of the coverage for employees.

Supplemental insurance provided to all by Colonial Supplemental Insurance. Click here to visit Colonial Supplemental Insurance.

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Holiday, Personal, and Vacation Time Off

Holiday pay will be granted to full time non-exempt employees following 60 days of continuous employment.  Exempt employees are eligible for holiday pay from date of employment.  The following days are recognized holidays:

            New Year’s Day

            Memorial Day

            Fourth of July

            Labor Day

            Thanksgiving Day

            Friday after Thanksgiving

            Christmas Eve

            Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on Saturday, the holiday will be observed on the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on Sunday, the holiday will be observed the following Monday.

Employees are eligible for personal time.  Click here for Time-Off Form.  See Employee Handbook for full explanation of benefit.

Employees are eligible for vacation time. Standard vacation schedule is 5 days after one year of service, 10 days after 2 years of service and 15 days after 5 years of service. Harlan reserves the right to adjust vacation accordingly.

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Personal Protective Equipment

All employees working or walking thru designated areas of assembly, machine shop, maintenance, reman, paint, quality, warehouse, and weld shop are required to wear the appropriate PPE.

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Recognition Program

Major Harlan is a visionary company with a forward-thinking group of employees.  Management is committed to empowering employees through various recognition programs.

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Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are in the spotlight and are designed with you (the employee) in mind!

Program Rules:

  • The new applicant must give us your name as their referral source at the time of hire or written on the application for employment.
  • The referred new employee must not have previously worked for Harlan and must complete 90 days of service for $100.00 bonus to the referring employee.
  • Once the new employee reaches 1 continuous year of service the referring employee will receive another $100.00 bonus.

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Section 125 Tax Savings Plan

The Tax Savings Plan is an employee benefit plan whereby you can redirect a portion of your pay to cover certain allowable child and dependent care expenses (e.g., day-care centers, home-base day-care, babysitters) on a tax-free basis.

As an employee of Harlan, you may contribute up to $5,000 per year under this program. You may join at time of hire or during an annual open enrollment period (usually early December).

Your contributions will be deducted from your pay and held in an account with the Tax Savings Plan administrator. When you incur an eligible expense, you will pay for it directly and then send a copy of the receipt and a claim form directly to the administrator, who will send you a tax free reimbursement.

Additional information is available to you during new hire orientation.

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Uniform Rental

Uniforms will be available on a work group need bases.  Uniforms can include shirts, pants, jackets and seasonal outwear.  Cost will vary depending on employee’s selection. Uniforms not returned upon termination or resignation of employment will have the amount of the uniforms deducted from the employee’s last paycheck.

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Worker’s Compensation Coverage

It is the employee’s responsibility to immediately report to Harlan any actual or alleged incident involving unsafe working conditions, injury, or death. In addition, you must cooperate with all provisions of the applicable medical professional liability insurance policy.

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