Manufacturing Capabilities

TIE Rod End

Currently Available Sizes >
Currently Available Sizes > Currently Available Sizes >

Many Tie Rod Ends "Off the Shelf".
Other items manufactured to customers specifications.



LPG Clamp
P/N 00700747729
New design for extra strength
Accelerator pedals 
and other molded or rubber-metal bonded parts.
Door Stop
P/N 16043
length of slide rod from center to center of bolt holes - 12-3/4
length of swing rod from center to center of bolt holes - 11
P/N 58-0190
Size 5" x 7 1/2"
Steering Knob
P/N 16113
Cast Aluminium Design



Horn Button Kit
P/N 23-0051
Horn Button Kit
P/N 23-0268
Bugle Horn
P/N 60-0070 12/24 Volt
Flat Horn
P/N 16050 12/24 Volt
P/N 16051 36/48 Volt


Fuel Caps

P/N 16385
Replaces Protectoseal # 1272 D
UL Listed
P/N 16018
Replaces Protectoseal # 1273 A
UL Listed
  • Retards Flame
  • Filters Debris
  • Closes Automatically


Starter ring gears

Replacements for Perkins, Continental
and most other engines are available


PINS & Bushings

Ground or Turned Secondary Operation
All Sizes
Heat Treated or not Plated or Unplated


Flywheels & Housings

Harlan has over two decades of experience designing and manufacturing flywheels, housings and adaptors
for engine-transmission articulation. 


CNC Machining

  • Precision Turning
  • Milling
  • Gear Cutting Capability


Water Pumps

Twenty Years Experience Manufacturing Water Pumps (aluminium or cast iron)
Let us turn your engine cooling requirements into a cost reduction opportunity.


Brake shoes


Available in all name brand linings
Tested to SAE Specifications



Choke Cable

Park Brake Cable

Diesel Shutdown Cable

Shifter Cable



Anti-vibration Mounts

The following are representative examples of the types of mounts on which Harlan OEN can reduce your cost:

P/N 16040
Replaces: Ford C3TZ6068D
P/n 45-0032
Replaces: Lord CB-1123-2
P/N 1700114
Replaces: Ford CITT6061D
P/N 1700117
Replaces Ford CITT6068C
P/N 3509938
Replaces: Perkins 0055053
Metalastik 31/322-45
Clark 1751000